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Menu Stainless Steel Cover, Big Item No. 51861-28 Sambonet


Menu Stainless Steel Cover, Big Item No. 51861-28 Brand: Sambonet Collection: Menu Material: Stainless Steel Award: Red Dot Design Award

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The timeless simplicity of form, especially practical, guarantees a quick utilization and cleaning. Menu is made by high quality steel, guaranteed by Sambonet and durable over the time, and conducts heat evenly obtaining an optimal cooking of the food.
Suitable for: Cooking induction; Cooking electrical; Cooking glass ceramic; Cooking gas & Dishwasher.
Additional info
BEFORE EVERY USE: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry. PRECAUTIONS: Never place empty cookware on a heating element. Do not allow gas flames to go up the sides of the pan. Heat pan up gradually and reduce heat when water boils. The thermoradiant bottom will keep uniform temperature inside the pan. When using salt, wait until the water is boiling to add it and allow it to completely dissolve. Salt deposited may react chemically and electrolytically causing pitting in the stainless steel. CLEANING. When washing do not use detergents containing chlorine, for example bleach, as they may corrode stainless steel. Avoid strong hits and thermal shocks. Do not cool it down suddenly. Do not use salty foods or containing lemon, vinegar, tomatoes to store. To remove halos due to overheating clean it with a specific stainless steel cleaner only. To remove white chalk deposits in the cookware, boil water with vinegar, leave it until it gets cool and then wash it normally.
Sambonet items on e-Shop are specifically intended for Horeca and Professional end-users only.


Ø 28 cm

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Weight 0.67 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 6 cm